Juice Group is a full service Creative Agency that crafts powerful
digital experiences, building audiences and communities online to
deliver real results for our clients.

We’re a young sprightly agency this means that we’re energetic, committed and more cost effective than those who think presenting on a flip chart is cool. We create online and offline solutions for grown up and startup brands alike… What can Juice Group create for you?

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A little about us

We listen… and talk plain English

At Juice Group, we will try not to confuse you with tech talk. We have a creative and highly experienced team who love to design and develop applications for web and print (and pretty much anything else creative).

The Juice team also has experience in a wide range of other disciplines including: advertising, strategy, marketing, design, production and animation.

This has proven invaluable when developing projects that need to look good and work hard.



Juice Group sets an amazing standard of fast, reliable and cost effective design service. They make the briefing to creation process easy and fun.

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I could not be any more satisfied with Juice Groups service and professionalism.
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Juice Group can assist you with all your creative and business needs.

For a relatively small agency we deliver a hell of a lot. Our creative team is dedicated to dreaming up original, one-of-a-kind ideas and then develop them into stunning campaigns. Our service range from digital to print and pretty much anything in-between.

We love designing that why we live, breathe and deliver design solution to the highest quality. We ensure that we work closely with you to help build market advantages by offering exceptional ideas and great marketing advice and turning these into bold, innovative creatives.

Through developing a strong relationship with all our clients, our Melbourne creative agency gets to truly understand business objectives and mold them for commercial issues. Unlike many other creative agencies we do not have a standard house approach and style. We think of every brief as a fresh challenge with it’s own specific objectives and with no preconceived ideas on a standard approach.

Website and Digital Development

From complex websites to animated flash we’ve got it covered. We have selected a team based on strong knowledge of development and design skills. We guarantee an aesthetically appealing and functional result within time and within budget. We create sites in Joomla, Apostrophe Now or any other CMS you can name.

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Print & Illustration Design

From small creatives to large campaigns we can handle all your collateral. We ensure it inspires, engages, stimulates and produces the result you desire. Whether you require a logo, advertising campaign, signage, exhibitions, various illustrations or a catalogue, good design is the foundations of great communication and that’s what we aim to deliver.

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Motion & 3D modelling

Video, web, demonstrations, commercials or whatever other kind of  materials you need we can create it in-house. Our designers and developers deliver more than great looking motion collateral, they also speak plain English. So they won’t blind you with science, just dazzle you with brilliant effective work.

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At Juice Group we love anything Digital whether its a simple flash banner to a complex CMS site we’ve got you covered.

Digital and flash work

Our digital flash and motion team create interactive applications that engage and wow customers. Whatever the purpose of the media we will work towards getting the best result possible whether it’s to click, watch or share we’ve got you covered. From a simple game, to a more complex rich internet application, let us use our advanced flash programming developers to make your ideas and campaigns to life.

  • Digital development
  • Viral games
  • Flash banner creation
  • Social media engagement
  • App design & build
  • Mobile sites

From simple landing pages to complex CMS sites, too easy

At Juice Group, we understand that getting your name, brand, values and core offerings out to your customers is as important as a print ad is to others. Using a number of flexible CMS systems (which are customised for your purposes) we build powerful and clean websites that provide a wide variety of functionality that can bring your business name and services to center stage.

Ease to use is at the top of requirements for most clients. We understand this and develop web solutions accordingly. We develop projects that give clients the ability to alter content seamlessly. This has many advantages some are as follows:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced publishing and content errors
  • Reduced reliance on IT or design staff
  • Power in the hands of content suppliers
  • Shortened publishing lead times
  • Improved response capabilities
  • Remote browser-based access through secure log-ins and tiered admin functions

Our experienced project management team will analyse your requirements and work closely with our design team to deliver a website that will wow your customers.

CMS websites and brochure sites

With the web becoming the tool of choice when searching for a company your website needs to be designed and built with online marketing very much at the core of the strategy. The web is no longer just about how pretty your site can be but more about how to get customers to your front door. So your website needs to turn searchers into visitors and visitors into customers. To do this we look at the following aspects:

  • Great design
  • Layout and a flexible grid
  • Usability
  • Function

Depending on what you are trying to achieve and the size of your site, its architecture can make or break it. We build sites on the presumption that if your site doesn’t look great and get a person to what they’re looking for within their first 10 seconds then the site isn’t working. First impressions are critical for websites, a customer needs to know: what you do, how you do it, what you stand for, and how to access the information posted on the site, This all makes for a great first impression and experience.

Navigation is at the heart of a great site. We focus on scoping out the simplest yet concise site structure possible so your customers can find anything they want wherever they are. The information customers seek needs to be loaded fast and has to be indexable by all the major search engines so your organic ranking increases.

Building a website is the perfect way for you to talk to your. We take the upmost care in making sure your website accurately reflects your brand and core offerings.

Ecommerce solutions

When it comes to ecommerce, customers become loyal and frequent the same websites based on the shopping experience they have had. From easily searchable items to a seamless checkout, they all play a huge role in whether the customer will want to use your site again. First impressions are everything even more so online so your online store needs to be clean, fast and easy to use.

We develop ecommerce solutions by looking at the following key points:

Site objectives – usually an easy one to answer…normally sales BUT not always

Brand and Customer experience – Loyalty will drive sales, so your customers experience is key in how you interact and support your customer. We will help tailor the right solution for you so your customer continue coming to your front door.

Analysis – By looking at competition in the same or similar proposition we can build something that is better and more powerful. Not only would we look external but internally as well, we would look at key metrics, site analytics and customer data to evolve and increase ROI,

Ease of use – No one likes a complex website, this lies probably the most important part of our job…finding a solution to what may be an extremely complex backend and making it simple in the front-end.

Checkout – Just like needing the site to be easy to use the checkout process needs to flawless. Any glitches here and you will lose sales. We focus most of efforts on the check process as this is the spearhead of an ecommerce site,

Feel secure – Customers need to feel secure every step of the way so we make it necessary to reiterate at all stages of the checkout process that their transactions are safe with your brand.

Other media – Website is king when it comes to online commerce but with new mobile technology within the ipone, android, Blackberry and smart phones online shopping is spreading to new area that can grab further customer reach.

Our post production and 3D rendering team can fulfill any motion job no matter the complexity

Our work speaks for itself, check these out:

Here is one of many examples of our work:

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We are commercially driven and focus on excellence with impact. We think, do, build and create.

If you would like to get in contact with us use either the form below or our direct contact details.

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